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The problems surrounding this year's Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) 2012 seems to be never ending. After the CLAT committee released the question paper's answer key of CLAT 2012 on Friday, there were at least 12 errors spotted worth 12 marks, according to the examinees.

It is interesting to note that the answer key was released a week after this year's Convenor NLU Jodhpur published a reshuffled university allotment list to replace the earlier list that contained many errors.

When GyanCentral contacted CLAT guru Rajneesh Singh, he confirmed the news. "There are some questions which do not have the correct option given. In Logical Reasoning section I found at least three questions that have wrong options. Besides, the questions picked in this section are from very bad guides. It is sad to see that most questions are simply lifted and I fail to understand why they do not take effort to make good questions. Last year also the Mathematics section had three wrong questions."

One such question from the Logical Reasoning section would be:

Statement One: All researchers are sociologists
Statement Two: Some researchers are professors.

I. All researchers are professors.
II. Some researchers are professors.
III. Some professors are sociologists.
IV. Some sociologists are researchers.

(A) Only III and II follow.
(B) Only II and IV follow.
(C) Only III follows.
(D) None follows.

"The CLAT Committee says in the answer key that the correct answer is B, but actually none of the options are correct. The way the question has been framed is wrong," said Rajneesh.

According to the answer key, Priyanka Chopra is the Indian national ambassador of UNESCO, whereas she is really the ambassador of UNICEF, while Ashok Amritraj, and not Vijay Amritraj as the key suggested, is the tennis player-turned-filmmaker.

In the Facebook CLAThacker page, students have been expressing their disdain and frustration through various posts. Nipun Gautam, a CLAT aspirant said, “Anybody ready to file a writ petition in Delhi High Court please contact me. I am filing it in Delhi High Court and asking you people to file it from wherever you live in the concerned Court for the blunders of NLU-Jodhpur in conductance. The reason why I am filing this so late is because some students have already filed it when they saw that the paper NLU-J made was hugely diverted from the notified syllabus. Honourable Court has been taken the cognizance and ordered NLU-J to release the CLAT Paper and answer keys. They did exactly as the court had said. Now, we have found some serious flaws in their answer keys.”

“We will not tolerate this by saying that ‘nothing can be done now’ as people said before the first PIL was filed. We will show to the court that there were flaws in the paper and the court will hopefully again take reasonable step(s). I hereby ask every aggrieved student who have been betrayed by NLU Jodhpur to not keep quiet and step up and dare to challenge the concerned authorities,” he added.

He went on to stress that even 1 mark matters in this highly competitive national examination. "We can't bear to lose even a single mark. It will be even more helpful if instead of filing it one oby one,we contact each other and file in our state's High Court or any other courts respectively. So, anyone interested in filing it in the Delhi High Court, please message me at Facebook so that we can file it collectively. We are not alone here since many seniors are with us."

There was a large number of students who replied to this post wanting to be a part of filing the writ petition. Many candidates now want to file Right to Information (RTI) requests with NLU Jodhpur, and formed a Facebook group organising a “mass RTI campaign” on Sunday afternoon. Around 140 people are members of the group and the numbers are going up continuously.

According to the already marked CLAT 2012 answer sheets, as many as 37 candidates secured scores in the range of the top 12 marks, while another 25 scored in the next range of 12 marks. CLAT 2012 has been facing wrath from students ever since the examination was conducted on May 13, 2012. A total of 25,769 aspirants participated in this year’s competition for 1,702 undergraduate national law university (NLU) seats. Students complained of questions coming out of the prescribed 'guidelines', PILs were filed and the entire nation was worrying about the outcome.

Even after the CLAT results were declared, the controversies did not end. The University allotment list had errors and NLU Jodpur had to publish a 'reshuffled' list after several complaints from students. Now that the published answer key of the CLAT 2012 paper also contains so many errors, maybe it is time to ultimately form a permanent CLAT body so that the students do not need to suffer like this every year.

On June 4,the Delhi high court admitted that the first writ should not have been dismissed, and allowed a letters patent appeal against the CLAT convenor, the Bar Council of India (BCI) and the Human Resource and Development Ministry. The court will look into the issue of a permanent CLAT committee, replacing the present rotational system between the 14 NLUs.

When GyanCentral contacted the CLAT Convenor Justice Mathur, he refuted all allegations saying, "I can’t say anything about this. We will examine into it. According to us everything is right. Everybody has their own conceptions about what is right and what is wrong." When we pointed out that in General Knowledge, one cannot have varied perceptions but just one particular answer he said, "The exam process is over and the admissions are already done.  If they want their satisfaction now, the students can just send us an email explaining their problem and we can have a nice chit chat on it. But I can assure that nothing will change now."

An infuriated law aspirant Rashi Khandelwal wrote a mail to GyanCentral saying, "CLAT 2012 has become more like a scam than an exam. The mistakes of the CLAT Committee seems to have no end; beginning from the day of the exam till date. Initially it started with the questions which were out of syllabus and now it has taken a new height by providing wrong answers without any proper justification of the same. The CLAT Committee on 7th June published the 4 sets of question papers along with the answers and then the biggest blunder of the exam was seen. Few questions of mainly G.K and Logical Reasoning section have been provided with incorrect answers. This carelessness on the part of CLAT Committee shows how the 'expert team' has been working." 

The mail further read, "The CLAT 2012 saga started from the day the exam was held. Approximately 50 questions from both G.K and Legal Reasoning section were given out of prescribed syllabus mentioned by the CLAT committee on their website as well as in the brochure. Second, came the inefficiency of the Committee when wrong allotment of Universities was done by them. On the day of result itself around 4 in evening the results were put down and so were the university lists. Mr. N.N Mathur, Vice-Chancellor of NLU Jodhpur later accepted about the wrong allotment lists, however no official notice was put up by the CLAT Committee. As things were slowing down, the CLAT committee put up the question paper and answer booklets. The wrong answers provided by the CLAT Committee raised a number of questions on the sole purpose of  CLAT and their inefficiency. Few questions of logical section which were taken directly from a renowned book were published as it is without doing the necessary correction. Also, a lot of students have got marks much lower than expected by them. This has put students in a dilemma whether the OMR checked by the authorities were also done in the same manner as allotment of the first university list."

"CLAT is an exam conducted for the admissions to the best law schools of the country but the inappropriate nature of CLAT every year has put it under a frame of suspicion and unreliablity. Students across the country are enraged and fumed due to the injustice being done. Students are expecting some action to be taken by the authorities so that marks are allotted correctly. It is now necessary to curb down this menace before it takes another disastrous form. It is necessary to end this for once and all, to fight against the injustice to those who have lost their college due to this blunder, those who have lost all the hope, those who have lost the biggest chance to make their career. When answers are wrong we have ALL RIGHT to say that our marks have been allotted wrong and maybe our ranks too. We now deserve a fair and transparent selection process, chance to view our OMR sheets and object if there is anything wrong. This is the need of hour, need of students and need of this nation. Our future is on stake. I hope you will throw light on this issue, so NLU Jodhpur feels pressurized enough to do justice to us," she added.

List of incorrect answers pointed out by an examinee

General Knowledge

1. Identify the Indian Tennis player who has turned Hollywood filmmaker?

A) Vijay Amritraj (B) Mahesh Bhupathi

(C) Leander Paes (D) Ashok Amritraj

Answer according to NLU J Answer key- Vijay Amritraj but correct Answer is Ashok Amritraj.

2. Priyanka Chopra has been named National Ambassador of
(A) WHO (B) UNICEF (C)UNESCO (D)International Red Cross Society

Ans according to NLU J answer key- UNESCO, but correct answer is UNICEF

3. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) completed how many years of operation in 2011?
(A) 3 years (B) 4 years (C) 5 years (D) 6 years
Ans according to NLU J Answer key is 6 years, but they have asked how many years in operation in 2011. In 2011 it completed 5 YEARS.

Legal aptitude

4.The Right to Equality is guaranteed by-
(A) Article 14 to 18 (B) Article 14
(C) Article 14 and 15 (D) Article 14, 15 and 16

Answer according to NLU J Ans key is Article 14,15 and 16 but Correct answer is 14 to 18.

5. X went to Y’s house and forgot his bag which contained 1 kg sweets. Y’s children consumed the sweets. Decide the liability of Y.
(A) Y is bound to pay the price of sweets to X
(B) Y is not bound to pay anything
(C) Y is bound to pay half the price of sweets.
(D) Y would not have to pay anything because X loves Y’s children.

Due to the ambiguous nature of question and no legal principle, two options have the equal opportunity to be right, option A and B. But the CLAT committee has marked only option B as correct.

6.Principle: Nothing is an offence which is done by a person who, at the time of doing it, by reason of unsound state of mind, is incapable of knowing the nature of the act, or something that he is doing is either wrong or contrary to law.
Fact: X takes his son Y who is three years old, for bathing to the well. He throws his son inside the well so that the son can have a good bath. After 10 minutes he also jumps into the well to take bath and get his son out of the well. Both were rescued by the villagers but his son was found dead.
(A) X has committed culpable homicide amounting to murder
(B) X has committed murde
(C) X has done no offence as he can plead the defense of unsound state of mind]
(D) X’s family should be held responsible for allowing him to take the child to the well
By applying principle to the question it s cut and dry that Answer should be "C" but CLAT key says it to be "A"

12. Statements:

I. Cheese is bad for people with high-cholesterol.

II. Sumeet does not eat cheese.

Assuming that (i) and (ii) are true, which of the following statement follows?

(A)Sumeet has high-cholesterol.

(b)Cheese is bad for Sumeet.

(c)People with high-Cholesterol do not eat cheese.

(d)None of the above

Answer given by CLAT committee says it be C. But correct answer should be None.

Logical Reasoning

8.Statement: Should students’ union in colleges and universities be abolished?

(i) Yes, it detracts students from academic and career development.
(ii) No, all great leaders have been students’ union leaders.
(A) Argument (i) is strong. (B)Argument (ii) is strong.
(C) Both (i) and (ii) are strong. (D) Neither (i) nor (ii) is strong.

CLAT Answer- A, But correct Answer is-D.

I One who has squared a circle is not a mathematician
II Therefore -----------------------
(A) No one who has squared a circle is a mathematician
(B) All non-mathematicians have squared a circle
(C) Some mathematicians have squared a circle
(D) All mathematicians square a circle

None of the options is correct. But as per the committee, if we take the answer as A then:- If I haven't squared the circle then does that mean that I mustn't be a mathematician? Of course not. A would be inappropriate.

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